The Gilboa Experience

Enjoy an unforgettable field trip on RZR ATVs

An exciting off-road trip is the perfect way to vacation or get away from it all. This attraction has become very popular in Israel, and it’s the best way to get acquainted with the Mt. Gilboa area. Are you ready to leave the dull tarmac road for an exciting experience of a lifetime?
You'll travel on safe and easy-to-operate RZR ATVs, each of which can transport up to four passengers. Three special routes include:
• Scenic trip to the Gilboa forests
• Refreshing trip among the springs of the Gilboa area – the best solution for hot summer days
• A special route to view the landscape and mountain top – for those who love to see the beautiful area of northern Israel
The next time you plan a family trip, romantic getaway, or want to reward hard-working employees, come to the Gilboa for an unforgettable experience.

Boost your team morale with an exciting paintball game!

One of the more interesting games out there is paintball. It combines tactical thinking in a group environment all within a great outdoor physical activity. When it comes to paintball, you’ve got to have a large complex course full of places to hide and outflank the other team, and most importantly – it’s got to be in beautiful natural scenery and full of fresh air.
The game of paintball is a war simulation where players have to shoot each other with special paintballs – if you have some color on you; it means you’re down and out of the game.
Join unique and tactical war games in the beautiful area of Mt. Gilboa. Face exciting challenges when you grab real-life weapons to fight for your team, all with top-of-the-line gear and accessories.
This safe game is great for recreation and team-building activities. You'll spend a fun day with others as part of a birthday party, bachelor (or bachelorette) party, or fun activities for bar or bat mitzvah celebrations. It's a fun way to bond family members, friends, or colleagues.
You'll be greeted with cool drinks and snacks, while an instructor reviews the rules of the game and the various play modes. The instructor divides the participants into two teams, with each player getting the most advanced armor and weapons.
So if you’re after a fantastic day out, in the magical Gilboa scenery, where you’ll get to face off your family, friends or colleagues – you’re sure to enjoy this memorable experience on the Gilboa.

The Gilboa Experience, Nurit, Gilboa, Israel. (052) 303 5389

Closed on Shabbat. Please call for operation hours.